Easy Way to Draw the Face for Fashion Illustration and Sketching

1. Draw an oval inside of the square. Left and right sides of head should be mirror images of each other.

2. Find the halfway point between lines A and D. This will be B.

3. Find the halfway point between lines B and D. This will be C. 

4. Mark where the eyes will be on line B. The width of the eye will also be the width between the eyes. 

5. Draw a half moon where you marked the eyes. Draw a circular iris at the center of the curve.

6. Optional: Indicate bridge of nose

7. Mark center indentation of lips, just below line C. 

8. Fill in remainder of lip. Edge of lips can fall anywhere between the inner corner of eye and the inner edge of the iris. 

9. Shape lips as desired.

10. Draw upper and lower lid.

11. Optional: Add lashes to eyes.

12. Draw the eyebrows above the eyes (top of eyebrow falls about 1/3 of the distance between line B and A.) Use the iris as a reference point when shaping the brow.

13. Add volume to the inner half of the eyebrow.

14. Make a wide ā€œVā€ shape to indicate the nose. Nose should fall a lip distance (1 lip, not the whole mouth) above the top lip. The width of the nose is approximately the width between the eyebrows.

15. Add shape for cheekbones and jaw. Draw ears slightly above line B and ending slightly above line C

16. Note shading lines in grey 

The first few times you try this exercise, your girl may look heinous. Don't fret if she has cross-eyes, a unibrow, or looks like a straight up goblin. Try again and again until she looks like a queen. Once you've mastered this, see the next post for adding makeup to your girl. 

If you like shortcuts, download a free template with pre-measured proportions and guidelines.